The design options for a space are nearly endless, particularly when it comes to closets where several different types of items are stored.  Designs can be relatively straightforward ranging from basic hanging and shelving to complex with great consideration to both form and function. Some of the important items to consider for your closet include:

  1. How much space (in feet or inches) do you need to hang shorter items such as shirts, blouses, jackets, folded over pants, etc?
  2. How much space (in feet or inches) do you need to hang longer items such as dresses, coats, gowns, or pants hung by the cuff?
  3. Do you require shelving for folded clothing?   Do you prefer to have enclosed shelving with doors?
  4. Is there a need for drawers or baskets to store items such as folded clothes, under garments, socks, smaller items?
  5. Would  you store personal items such as jewelry, watches and accessories  in your closet?
  6. Do you have scarves, belts, or ties that need hanging/organization?
  7. How many pair of shoes  do you store in your closet?  As well, do you have taller boots that need storage?
  8. Do you regularly iron clothes in your closet and/or need hanging for freshly ironed clothes?
  9. Would you like a laundry hamper and/or trash can in your closet?
  10.  Do you require space to store purses and/or hats?
  11. If you will be dressing or getting ready in your closet, would a mirror be helpful?


Given the multitude of options you may wish to peruse our Accessories page to view a variety of products to consider adding to your dream closet. Once you have given consideration to your needs and wants, it is a matter of deciding which system you like, the  with its sleek, clean look and adjustability or the panel system with its beautiful built in cabinetry style. Many times, if a client has an idea of what they would like in their closet, Creative Spaces can work via telephone or e-mail to come up with a draft design and pricing quote, FREE.  The following pictures depict a simple 3-D design and the final closet.  Designs can easily be edited and changed until you are completely satisfied with your soon to be dream space.


Simple 3-D design and the final closet